Yes it is suitable for families & singles above the age of 16
Yes, if they were accompanied by adults. Except for horror rooms it is allowed only for 16+
Each room has its own atmosphere and characteristics, ask the game master while booking.
Yes it is, MazeBox design team have taken into consideration such an aspect where rooms were designed to have proper space that accommodate up to 10 players in one place.
Yes, we at MazeBox always take the extra mile to ensure that our guests are fully comfortable in each possible way.
Unfortunately not, players needs to be totally isolated with zero tech distraction. Also taking pictures inside the room is not allowed.
Unfortunately not, as MazeBox rooms are equipped with high tech elements that might be damaged by fluids.
The best time to be at MazeBox is 10 minutes prior to your reservation time.
We donโ€™t if the room you booked has no booking after yours.